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International Journal of Humanities and Education Research

Vol. 6, Issue 1, Part B (2024)

Expectations of women in the novel The Better Man by Anita Nair


Dr. Anil Kumar


Anita Nair, a celebrated Indian author, has made significant contributions to Indian literature, especially with her acclaimed novels The Better Man and Ladies Coupé. She was born in Kerala and raised in the metropolitan city of Chennai. Nair has always kept a deep passion for writing and has courageously pursued her literary dreams despite various challenges. Her works consistently delve into the theme of women's quest for freedom and self-realization.
In Nair's novels, her characters often emerge from their struggles, embarking on a journey of self-discovery. She intricately explores the concept of freedom for women, emphasizing their aspirations as human beings, independent of traditional roles such as daughter, wife, and mother. Her narratives address the complexities of these roles, shedding light on the conflicts and challenges women face in their pursuit of self-identity and freedom.
This article specifically examines the theme of women's expectations as depicted in Nair's debut novel, The Better Man. In this work, Nair vividly portrays both the external and internal identities of her female characters, offering a profound exploration of their lives and experiences. Her characters navigate societal expectations and personal desires, striving to establish their own identities in a world that often seeks to confine them within restrictive norms.
Nair's writing is celebrated for its deep empathy and nuanced understanding of women's lives, making her a significant voice in contemporary Indian literature. Through her storytelling, she not only highlights the struggles of women but also celebrates their resilience and strength. By addressing themes of freedom, identity, and self-realization, Nair's novels resonate with readers and contribute to a broader understanding of women's experiences in modern society. Her work underscores the importance of recognising and supporting women's journeys towards self- fulfilment and autonomy, marking her as a pivotal figure in the landscape of Indian fiction.

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International Journal of Humanities and Education Research
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Dr. Anil Kumar. Expectations of women in the novel The Better Man by Anita Nair. Int. J. Humanit. Educ. Res. 2024;6(1):100-103. DOI: 10.33545/26649799.2024.v6.i1b.79
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